What’s new
in the 2nd Release?
Created by
Chris T Hill
1 – Heroes
2 – Multiplayer
3 – New items
4 – Pickup items
5 – Severed Dreams
(Chapter 1)
Some of the heroes
have been rebalanced. The main changes
Made much
stronger and damaging, fixed the one shot rule which made the Golem stop
throwing rocks after the first throw in Severed Dreams (Chapter 1)
Made much
stronger and damaging, replaced the Rain of Fire ability for the inferno
Improved the Spirit Pig ability
Now works. In multiplayer games the defeat conditions
have been disabled. It will be up to
your team to decide how your group is defeated and whether you will allow
yourselves to be resurrected. If you do
wish to resurrect yourself (the lead hero) it is suggested that you use the
Ctrl ‘number’ technique (say Ctrl 2) to label your resurrection church. This will allow you to select your church by
pressing a number and resurrect yourself (although you will of course restart
at the resurrection church).
Pickup Items
Depending on which
patch you have installed (or don’t) would alter which items you would pick up
from enemies. This has been altered and
now ALL users will receive the same items no matter which patch you are using.
New Items
Several new items
have been created and can be either bought or picked up from your enemies. These are:
Shadoweaver Cloak
Gives the user the Shadowmeld, Evasion and Ultravision abilities
Cloak of Hellfire
Surrounds the
user in ball of flames causing 20 damage per sec and gives the user the Vampric
Tome of
increases the users Agility, Strength and Intelligence by 5 (cannot be stored)
Bag of Gold
Pickup item. Gives the user
200 Gold
Gold Chest
Pickup item. Gives the user
1000 Gold
Severed Dreams (Chapter 1)
This has undergone
quite a considerable refit. It’s mostly aesthetics
but some will notice some major differences (especially on the outside section
as it’s been completely remade)