3 luni
My three moons
Life is cruel. It’s all cruel. I
found no aspect of life that didn’t proove itself cruel at some point. Life is like , a falling leaf. We always regret the moment we were
taken apart from the branch and we never stop missing it, still feeling like a
part of it. This can be seen differently, the tree may be our childhood, the
thing that most of us miss, it can be our adolescence, our youth, it can be our
first love, it can be our last love, or jus 11311u2016l t a moment in time which never seemed
to let us go. The certain thing is that whatever the tree might be, we
are all like falling leaves. We float.we float through the air; the wind often
takes us far far away from where we started, that may be our destiny: the way
that the wind blows. We can float through dreams, we can float trough
unconsciousness, we can float both through sadness and happiness,we can float gently or rughly and painfully. That;s the
way we are ment to go through life, but
there comes a moment when we hit the ground, for some of us, that moment might
be death itself; but for most of us it’s the moment when we are hurt the most
or fulfilled the most; it’s that moment when u hit the ground hard and still
the wind carries u on, dragging you over
rocks and harshness, over water or fire, it pulls you, like its trying to force
you to continue, knowing there is no way back. And all we do, from that moment
on is to remember the times when we were in the tree, the life filling tree,
when the juice of happiness filled our bodies without us even noticing. When we
were waving with the wind but still holding tight to the brach that provided us
security, the feeling of being safe, a feeling that shall never return again.
When I fell, it was autumn . becauze
leaves fade in autumn I guess ; it was indeed a coincidence. It was when I met
vlad. When I met him, I was torn away from my tree, my branch, I lost my
balance and I started to flow through the love parfumed air. I was flowing an flowing , I was taken far away by the wind in a land of
forgetfullness where nobody has ever been. Such a feeling I had, such power I
felt in that stormy wind that I didn’t realise where it had taken me, and
that’s because I also felt free. free for real. Because sitting in the tree I
could never get anything to ever reach me because of the hugeness of the tree,
while now, I was on my own, I was free to reach the
moon light. The moon light was able to reach me and caress me every night with it’s warm touch. With it’s magic,
hypnotising rays it could fill my heart and I was overwhelmed by it’s great
shine. Such a pure, white, dangerous, mistic shine.
And I was beneath it. Beneath the sky, the enormity of the
world and possesed by the one thing that reigns over everythin else. The moon..my moon, a full mother-of-pearl bright moon. Vlad
was my first moon and the one that started it all. The one that called me from
the arms of my safety( my tree) and ripped a part of
me, the part of me that is still atached to the branch I left. It’s still
there, bleeding.
To be continued..