Volume 1
Intelectual Endurance – Read – Learn – Cognition – Focus
this first of three discs to quickly enter the accelerated learning state. Work
at the same
high level as elite learners and scholars while reading
non-fiction, doing research, learning and building
knowledge in any subject.
Focus. Quicker
Thought Reflexes.
Enter a physically relaxed and
high-focus state as iMusic accelerates your mental
processes; allowing you to
learn and read at a high level for a longer period of time.
Catalyze fresh perspectives and
improve your assimilation and understanding of ideas and information when
you’re reading and listening.
Achieve such a keen and focused
mental state, that distraction, diversion or anyform
of self interruption
will be virtually eliminated. Nearly every thought or idea 22122b117w
that enters your mind will closely relate to that
which you’re reading or learning… vastly enhancing your
effectiveness and efficiency.
Accelerate your learning rate;
comprehend more information and data on a per minute basis. Discern, decipher,
absorb and retain information in greater depth when reading. In
nearly any situation or condition, individuals
that use iMusic learn faster and
better than those who do not.
Inspire a more fluid progression
of attentive thought and cognition.
Amplify Your IQ
iMusic introduces
your brain to new high performance states, pulling you out of your comfort zone
propelling you to a higher level of operation. Your brain responds
to this increased neurological demand by
growing stronger and generating more neural connections,
neurotransmitters, dendrites, axons and neurons.
These cerebral upgrades give you
more mind based computing power…. leading to a higher IQ.
A Well Conditioned Mind = A
Higher Quality Of Life
Studies prove that fluid speech
patterns and a rich and varied vocabulary are sure tools for success.
Training your mind with iMusic will accelerate your confidence, speaking abilities,
vocabulary and thought
speeds. You will be a more colorful and articulate
conversationalist. You will go farther and get ahead
faster. And you will be more powerful professionally and
Studies prove that the better
the condition of your mind, the better your system can handle stress, angst
and burden. iMusic
| Volume 1.1 will condition your brain to better handle stress and anxiety.
rage and emotive outbursts will subside as you use iMusic to build a high performance, confident and
attentive mind.
iMusic | Volume 1.1
and Volume 1.3 treat and alleviate chronic attention problems such as Attention
Disorder (ADD), Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mild Autism and other learning
As your mind is conditioned for
higher performance, restlessness and insomnia will quickly slip away as your
brain enters a permanent, elevated functional state. Higher
quality sleep is the result.
Memorize – Study – Brain Power
iMusic | Volume 1.2 to enter the ideal mental state
for memory intensive studying and learning.
Just push play to create the
perfect non-intrusive back drop for any memory task. Whether you’re studying
for an examination, learning a new language or memorizing a
speech, use Volume 1.2 when you want to activate your absorbent and receptive
Enhance Your Memory. Become a more Effective
Bring online more of your
intellectual powers to better memorize facts and figures with greater accuracy
ease. Memorize virtually anything with greater ease and
Enhance the specific neurological
functions associated with studying-cutting down your study time and
increasing your absorption rate. When studying for an exam,
presentation, assessment, recitation or
performance, use iMusic | Volume 1.2 when
you want certain information and data to enter your mind. And
always be there when you need it.
Just listening to iMusic | Volume 1.2 will train your mind for enhanced
information receptivity, stimulating
permanent improvements in both your short-term and long-term
Replicate what science has found
to be the perfect mental state for memorizing information-the mental state
trivia masters and Jeopardy! champions
know very well.
Boost Your Brain Power and Activate Your
Mental Energies.
iMusic | Volume 1.2
will empower your mental engine-making you a more powerful source of ideas and
Just push play to become a
better essay and report writer.
Enter the “flow” state
where ideas come easily. Gain a mind of enhanced insight.
Feel Good. Live Happier.
Gain a relaxed mind, void of
stress and angst as iMusic introduces your brain to
high performance states.
Scientific research has found
this disc to treat and alleviate substance abuse and addiction, in addition to
providing headache relief… something nearly everyone can benefit
Think – Mental Stamina –
Intelligence – Concentration – IQ
iMusic | Volume 1.3 to attain peak concentration for
the most demanding mental tasks-whether
they be learning, pursuing complex lines of thought, writing
or theoretical analysis. This springboard to
intellectual achievement will supply you with the mental stamina and
high thought capacity to tenaciously
follow through on mind intensive work.
Concentration. Accelerated
Experience the mental state that
only the most focused and zoned in humans on the planet know, as iMusic |
Volume 1.3 entrains your
brainwaves into the peak focus state. You’ll be able to understand things
and more quickly.
Acquire the Millionaire Mindset.
Focus in and take straight aim at a business idea. Follow through on an
entrepreneurial undertaking.
Experience blazing fast mental
agility and speed, as your brain processes thousands more calculations per
Execute mathematical tasks and
crunch numbers with greater skill as you enjoy increased logical thought
power and comprehension. Stimulate improved logical thinking.
Experience the sharply focused,
mentally clear, hyper-alert mental state that occurs from increasing your
brainwaves into the energizing beta range.
your mind. With iMusic
| Volume 1.3, your mind will be sharp and quick, eliminating the errors
and mistakes that are the byproduct of a slow and dull mind.
Think With Intensity.
Enhance your understanding of
logic based material, complex theories, intricate formulas, multi-faceted
models, in depth concepts and elaborate schemas.
Bolster the specific
neurological functions associated with high-intensity mental tasks.
Gain the concentration powers to
follow through thought processes and develop ideas. Virtually stop habitual
mental wandering. Secure the ability to quickly enter the ultra
focus state anytime and anywhere.
Energize Meetings and
Play at a low, comfortable level
during business meetings, study groups or informal debates to bring
discussions to a whole new level.
A well focused and quick
thinking group of people are better poised to listen and contribute to the
Make Working Harder Easier.
Develop superior intellectual
endurance and mental stamina. Just play iMusic at an
audible level to work,
think and be more mentally productive for longer periods of
iMusic | Volume 1.3
and Volume 1.1 treat and alleviate chronic attention problems such as Attention
Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mild Autism, Seasonal Affective Disorder
and other learning disabilities. See the Studies that Prove
iMusic | Volume 1.3
will ramp up your mind state into a “mid-Beta” brain state that has been proven
to treat
depression. You’ll feel a new natural high where hope and positive
feelings run rampant, causing sadness and
melancholy to melt away-exposing the true, happy and positive you!