Enthroned Zine #3
is the main job of the next band.
Beherit very well known band
for those into Black Metal. I have to admit I hate
short interviews (but what can
I do?) But I hope you get
the idea from bassist/vocalist Holocausto Vengeance, so let’s
start with him.
What’s the band doing after the recording of “The Oath…”?
– We haven’t recorded that album, only old stuff on it, rip off!
Are you happy with your LP? How
is selling?
– Piss!
Tell the readers what your LP is all about?
– Demo 6/6/9 + Pic. Ed.
Which songs are your favourites?
– No faves.
Are you still write lyrics about
– Not so much, but
they are still heavy.
Which old songs features
the album?
– All songs.
What about gigs? Have you played
after the LP? With who?
– Some gigs, but yesterday
I visited at Impaled Nazarene-gig, naked bodies, black paint, blood, worms,
necroliver, war, etc. What kind
of gigs there?
What bands would you recommend from
your area?
– Impaled Nazarene.
Tell us about your deal with
Turbo Music.
– Maybe, the things are ok!
Do you think your LP will be available worldwide and easy to
– Yes!
What’s next for Beherit?
– The first true album, big tour with Samael
Interview by: R. Bracero in Enthroned Zine