Air Force Base
by Aircraftkiller2001[RA2MG][RADEN]
Map Of Eglin AFB:
File Name: eglinafb.yrm
Map Name: Eglin Air Force Base
Author Name: Aircraftkiller2001[RA2MG][RADEN]
Authors WOL Nick 19319d324t Name: tankcmdr6
Author E-mail: ;
Map Size: 120×100
Number of Players: 2-4
Map Theater: NewUrban
Map Type: Multiplay
Resource Types: Oil Derricks, Ore, small amounts of
Environmental Conditions: Dusk, NewUrban
Coolest Features: A runway with taxiways, fully
detailed actual Air Force Base, new names for certain buildings…
Tips: Grab the Oil Derricks first, then start your
base quickly. Be sure to use all of the buildings on the base to your
Map Description: Welcome to Eglin AFB. This is the
largest Air Force Base in the free world today. It’s over 220 square miles in
size, but since I can’t make it that large in RA2, it’s considerably smaller.
There is NO ore or gems on this map. Only Oil Derricks. Each player has six Oil
Derricks to fund his/her gameplay. That SHOULD be more than enough for a long
game. Some things to note about the map-
1. Boggy Bayou is the large body of water at the
right edge. This flows into the Gulf Of Mexico. Weekly Bayou is the area where
the docks are.
2. The Eglin weapons test facility is located at
the bottom left part of the map. They regularly test guns and things of that
nature on the dark grass there.
3. The MAIN Eglin runway is located to the top
left. A taxiway connects it to the main tarmac, where C-130 Hercules cargo
aircraft, AV-8B Harriers, and AV-8E Black Eagles are.
4. The Eglin Federal Prison is located above Post’l
Lake, which gets its water from Boggy Bayou.
5. The Navy dive school is at the end of Weekly
Bayou, where Navy SEALs are floating in the water.
6. The Air Armament Center is the large cluster of
buildings left of center in the map.
Special Features: This map IS a mod map. Mods
created in the map-
The fuel trucks near the aircraft will explode like
an Oil Derrick: Destructively.