The University of Oxford
Academically, Oxford
is consistently ranked in the world’s top 10 universities and its remarkable
global appeal continues to grow every year.
The University of Oxford is located in the city of Oxford,
Oxford shire, England and is the oldest
university in the English-speaking 11111q1611l world. There is an
old saying: “Oxford gave the world marmalade and a manner, Cambridge science and a sausage”. This may be the best saying of famous
quotation about The University of Oxford.
I decided to drop a line about The University of Oxford
because it is one of the most worth symbol of The United Kingdom with a
beautiful, long tradition. It has a special character with a nine century continuous history that
makes its reputation serious and distinctive and its aim is to remain at the
forefront of centers of learning, teaching and research.
Studying at this university obviously crossed my mind but
I’m sure that will not happen.
This institute is a member of the Russell Group of
research-led British universities, the Coimbra Group
(a network of leading European universities), the League of European Research
Universities, International Alliance of Research
Universities and is also a core member of the Europaeum.
More than a hundred and thirty nationalities are represented among a student
population of over eighteen thousand. Almost a quarter comes from outside the United Kingdom.
There are many opportunities for students at Oxford to receive financial help during their
Oxford is ranked first in Politics, Physiological Sciences,
English, Fine Art, Business Studies, Materials technology, Middle Eastern and
African Studies, Music, Philosophy, and also Education and Linguistics which it
shares first with Cambridge.
All these determined me to present The University of Oxford
in Chapter I the beginning of this grandiose institute and town also, in
Chapter II the organization of it- such as central governance, colleges,
teaching and degrees and the academic year. The next 3 chapters, III, IV and V
will present the affiliates and other institutions (departments, clubs and
societies, media, buildings and parks and other institutions)
, the campus life and famous people. Latest chapters, VI and VII will
present to you the finances and the reputation.
In brief, the University
of Oxford is one of the
most popular universities around the world, with a great reputation and an
interesting history. Every year, thousands of worldwide students go to study at
this university and many hang their fresh graduate diplomas in their new