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Mentha piperata
MEDICINAL: Peppermint cleans
and strengthens the body. It acts as a sedative on the stomach and
the bowels. It is also mild enough to give to children as needed for chills and
colds. Used
bitter herbs to improve their taste.
RELIGIOUS: Peppermint is used

Oils Herbs

Oils Herbs
Oil extracts are made from
fresh herbs that contain volatile oils used for healing. Fresh herbs are
necessary for the extraction of
the oils. The fresh herbs are crushed with a mortar and
pestle. Olive or sesame oil is then added, at the ratio of one pint of oil
for every two ounces of h

Atlas of the HUMAN BRAIN Atlas of the HUMAN BRAIN

Atlas of the HUMAN BRAIN
Book Description
This is the second edition of
this very successful Atlas that received the Award of Excellence from the
American A 24324e422y ssociation of Publishers and is the gold standard for human brain
atlases. The new edition is completely redesigned, with additiona


Please read before using any video game or
allowing your children to use it.
Some people are liable to have an epileptic
seizure or loss of consciouness when exposed to flashing lights 13513l1111n or certain
normal conditions of everyday life. Such persons could risk a seizure whi


Aurum – Induration of testicles.
Clematis – Swollen and
very sensitive; bruised
pain in testicles;
from suppressed gonorrhoea;
drawing and tension
in spermatic cord.
Mez – Swelling of testicles.


Medicago sativa
MEDICINAL: Eliminates retained
water, relieves urinary and bowel problems, helps in treating
of narcotic and alcohol addiction. Used in treating anemia, fatigue, kidneys,
peptic ulcers,
problems, and for building general health.
RELIGIOUS: Placed in a

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm
Ulmus fulva
MEDICINAL: Slippery Elm is
used to neutralize stomach acids. It is used to boost the adrenal glands,
out impurities and heals all parts of the body. It is most useful for the
respiratory system.
Externally it is an excellent
healer for burns, skin cancers, poison ivy,


Cedrus spp.
RELIGIOUS: Cedar chips used in
rituals or burnt attracts money, and is also used in purification and
It is a symbol of power and longevity. Hung in the home it will protect against
lightning. Juniper
be used in place of cedar.
GROWING: There are many types
of cedars t

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
13113p159n Hamamelis virginiana
13113p159n MEDICINAL: Witch Hazel is used
externally for insect bites, burns, bleeding wounds, hemorrhoids,
13113p159n and
varicose veins. Internally it will stop bleeding from internal organs, treats
bronchitis, flu, and coughs
13113p159n as
well as