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Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan – SMPEP

Marine Pollution Emergency Plan – SMPEP
The Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan is
written in accordance with Annex I – regulation 26 and Annex II – regulation 16
of MARPOL 73/78. The SMPEP manual has
all information and steps to be taken by the Master 22422i813w or designa

What’s new in the 2nd Release?

What’s new
in the 2nd Release?
Created by
Chris T Hill
1 – Heroes
2 – Multiplayer
3 – New items
4 – Pickup items
5 – Severed Dreams
(Chapter 1)
Some of the heroes
have been rebalanced. The main changes
Made much
stronger and damaging, fixed the one shot rule which made

A Defining Moment

A Defining Moment
© 2002 Esther Derby
 This column originally appeared in STQE magazine,
July/August 2002
ac-count-a-ble adj. 1. Subject to the obligation to report,
explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable. 2. Capable of being explained; explicable.
(The Random House
College Dict

Kasyo no Yume

no Yume
~ Translator’s Introduction~
The story is about Taiki (Kirin of Tai Kingdom) to pay any ambassadorial
visit to Ren. For those who know the Juuni Kokki story arc at the TaiKingdom,
Taiki is a kirin who got swept to Japan by Shoku when he was young.
Taiki was summoned back to the Juu

The ‘art’ of EQ

The “art” of EQ
by Aaron Trumm
EQ can be used in a variety of situations, from live sound to recording to tape
to mixing down. Mainly, it should be used to enhance signals that have some
problem. The golden rule of EQ is less is more. If something seems fine without
it, I avoid EQing it at all. The


Enthroned Zine #3
is the main job of the next band.
Beherit very well known band
for those into Black Metal. I have to admit I hate
short interviews (but what can
I do?) But I hope you get
the idea from bassist/vocalist Holocausto Vengeance, so let’s
start with hi

Terms and Conditions of the organizer

and Conditions of the organizer
terms and conditions apply together with or in addition to the rules of conduct
of the Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH.
By registering for the Trade Fair all
exhibiting training firms agree to stick to the te 23223j912x rms and conditions for
exhibiting firms

An Avoidable Fight

An Avoidable Fight?
There have been many incidents in my life that I
felt were needless and the world would have been better off without them
happening. One of these events occurred
at my old high school. The student
population was all white. However within
the las 16116i88q t three years bl