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Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan – SMPEP

Marine Pollution Emergency Plan – SMPEP
The Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan is
written in accordance with Annex I – regulation 26 and Annex II – regulation 16
of MARPOL 73/78. The SMPEP manual has
all information and steps to be taken by the Master 22422i813w or designa

The ‘art’ of EQ

The “art” of EQ
by Aaron Trumm
EQ can be used in a variety of situations, from live sound to recording to tape
to mixing down. Mainly, it should be used to enhance signals that have some
problem. The golden rule of EQ is less is more. If something seems fine without
it, I avoid EQing it at all. The


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Kasyo no Yume

no Yume
~ Translator’s Introduction~
The story is about Taiki (Kirin of Tai Kingdom) to pay any ambassadorial
visit to Ren. For those who know the Juuni Kokki story arc at the TaiKingdom,
Taiki is a kirin who got swept to Japan by Shoku when he was young.
Taiki was summoned back to the Juu

A Promise

A Promise…
God will not promise you endless blue skies,
but he did promise to help bear your burden.
God didn’t promise that all of your dreams will come true,
but he did promise that it’s p 11111h78l ossible to reach them.
God didn’t promise that everything in your life will turn
out as you plan